Saturday, August 18, 2012

When things are bad, they get worse...

When things are good, they get better.

Interesting that those two statements are true. I happen to believe that a great deal of what is happening to you is a direct result of what is going on between your ears. Does anyone remember, "Think Thin"?

This positive thinking is not a cure-all, but it definitely helps.

I like to believe that you can't do anything with positive thinking. A good example: There is no way I can beat Mike Tyson in a fight.

But I can do everything better with positive thinking than without it.

Of course my positive thinking would get me running as fast as I could away from Mike Tyson.


Trillium said...

Another truism: if you smile, you feel better; if you frown you feel worse. Your brain believes what your face is doing.

Anonymous said...

I find when my face can't convince my brain to be happy, I just wait it out, because eventually things will get better, right?