Thursday, December 10, 2015

I Drive By Faith

I Drive By Faith

So I had an interview scheduled for Intermountain Health Care for a Desktop Support position. The location of the interview was Salt Lake City up by the University of Utah. I figured I would have to leave my house by 9:15am to make the 10am appointment.

I entered the address into my GPS and hit the road. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to leave the house until about 9:30am. In my lateness, I said a quick prayer that I would arrive on time. I then started on my journey.

I knew the path that I was going to take, which would lead me through downtown Salt Lake. The GPS voice navigation started providing the directions; and they complied with what I knew should be the way. I looked at the clock and determined that it would be a close call to make it on time.  I continued driving.

A few moments later, I realized that I might not make it to this interview on time. I said another quick prayer. The GPS still showing the path I should take.  I thought to myself that I could call the recruiter and say I was going to be late, or I could withdraw my application, or call to re-schedule for another day. All of which would probably cost me the job. I was tempted to turn around, and give up.

A thought came to my mind that said “Just keep going, who knows you just might make it.” So I continued. The GPS map showed that I should merge onto the I-15. The voice navigation said to keep going straight. Not sure, I went with the voice and found myself on the I-80, the map still telling me that I should have gotten on the I-15. I started to despair. I knew for sure I would be late. Obviously the GPS device was messed up. Again, I decided to give up.

The same voice came to mind, “Just keep going. Follow the voice navigation”. I thought to myself, what have I got to lose at this point, maybe the GPS was going to direct me to an employment agency.  I kept going.

As I continued, I looked down and saw the map part of my GPS was no longer available. Panic hit me. However, the voice navigation kept cheerfully providing directions. Repeating in my mind was “Just keep going.”

 I was blind in directions, except the voice navigation and the promptings to “Just keep going”.  I found myself on Foothill Blvd and in the direction of where the hospital should be.  I continued forward. Then after a few minutes I saw the most amazing thing I could have hoped for, a sign for my destination. Despair and panic turned into hope and thanks.

I quickly found a parking spot and entered the building. I was able to check in with security around 10am. It may have been a couple of minutes before 10am or a couple after. I did not see what my check-in time was.

I am certain however, that if I had taken the path that the map had shown I would have been seriously late and for sure out of the running for this position.

When we seem to lose control of certain aspects of our lives, perhaps all we need to do is say a quick prayer and “Just keep going”. Listen to the promptings that are provided to us and trust that they will give us hope and feelings of thanks.

I know that I was given divine direction with “wonky” technology and promptings from the Spirit, and made it on time. The Lord is in the details of our lives.


Anonymous said...

Gripping story! I'm glad you had a happy ending. Let us know if you get the job. :D

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