Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Degrees of Glory

Why do we do "work" for the dead when the majority of them won't make it to the Celestial Kingdom? Even a good portion of "faithful" Mormons wont attain the highest degree of glory.

Why does our 80 to 100 years of mortal existence hold so much weight for eternity? God sent us here knowing we were going to fail. I don't see the justice in that. I wonder if God told us before we got here if we were going to fail or "make it".

What about Hitler? Was he predestined to murder thousands of people? Is it really his fault or is he following a "script"? I can almost see God saying to Hitler, "When you go down to earth you will be responsible for slaughtering the Jews." I can see Hitler weeping at what he was going to do.

Could the holocaust have been avoided by God? He could have had Hitler die at a young age and never commit any atrocities. Could it be that if he lived anywhere else, would he [Hitler] have had the same outcome? Would he have been a better or worse person? Guess what, Hitler still goes to heaven.

If this life is a test, it is like taking a test without any directions or even knowing what the subject of the test is. I image you have a scan-tron card but no test booklet. You are allowed to ask your neighbor for the answers which may be wrong or right. However, the neighbor on the right thinks it is a math test, and the neighbor on the left thinks it is an English test. Neither have solid proof on why they believe what kind of test it is.


Jen said...

Jeez Dave. How about you post "Name the Movie" for your next blog?

Zaphod said...

Who says that the majority of those for whom temple work is done will not make it to the Celestial Kingdom?

Who says that a good portion of the faithful won't make it?

Who says that only the 80-100 years in mortality makes all of the difference in eternity?

Who says that God sent us here to fail?

Who says that anyone has been predestined to do anything?

Who says that Hitler is going to Heaven?

Who says that God is responsible for all of the wickedness that is perpetrated upon this earth?

Who says there is no text to aid us through life's challanges?

Who says that no one knows what kind of test we are going through and what the answers to that test are?

I am certain that there are many on the internet who avow such things, but you will not find them among those who know and understand the doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

DebbieLou said...

I don't know where you came up with most of these ideas, because that isn't what is taught in any LDS church I've ever attended. I highly recommend you read Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis. (Again) Even though he isn't a member of the church, he had a good grasp on the whole concept of freedom of choice and why God allows so many bad things to happen in this life.

Katscratchme said...

I am nowhere near as learned as Dad is in regard to church doctorine... or much of anything for that matter...

But here is my one thought:

Certainly God could stop all the horrible things that happen in this world, it is within his power after all. But, what would we learn if we were protected from everything bad? And, again, if he were to control the outcome of these things, where does free-agency come in to all of this? Wasn't that someone else's plan..?

Chris said...

Rack em!

Rebecca said...

interesting views David. I know that God is a kind and loving Father in Heaven. I also know that Satan rules this earth and that he is the great facilitor in the great and terrible things that happen here. Lastly, I know that we are here to learn and it is a test. We are here to chose for ourselves wickedness or righteousness.