Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reincarnation or Resurrection

It seems the Jews weren't in agreement on this as well. I may be wrong but it seems the Sadducees leaned toward reincarnation.

Hell doesn't exist in the Jewish religion. Why does Christianity have a Hell? Was hell supposed to be a bedtime story to keep people in line? Even Mormons have a different perception of hell than standard Christians.

I kinda like the thought of reincarnation. There are two movies I've seen that use it as a theory. What Dreams May Come, and Defending Your Life.

I've also wondered if heaven was going to be whatever you imagined it to be before you got there. For Muslims, 20+ virgins as a reward. For some Christians a halo and wings. (Heaven tailored to what you expect.)

I see reincarnation as a journey to better yourself, if you screw up you get another chance. Resurrection is a one-time deal. You have to be perfect before you are resurrected in order to make it to heaven. I don't see the fairness and justice, knowing that we are imperfect and expected to accomplish something which is unattainable.


Anonymous said...

Ah, but everyone gets the gift of Ressurection! That is made possible by Christ. And, if you think of it this way, one of the three kingdoms we are to go to are in effect heavenly. God is very merciful. I get the idea that, given the way we have lived our lives, we will chose where we want to stay. We will know where we belong for the eternities. And I don't think this life is just a "one shot" thing. As seen by temple work, progress happens after we die as well. Yes, we mess up here, but through the atonement of Christ and mercy of God we can be made clean. Not perfect, but clean. Perfection comes through time, and God seems willing to give us all the time we each need to discipline ourselves. Even if someone lived an unblemished life, learned all there was to know in this life, and then died clean, that isn't the end of learning or progression for that man. There is so much we don't comprehend. Look at Adam. Did they have calculus back then? Maybe, but I doubt it. He, clean from sin (I would assume), left this world, and then the real learning began.
God knew we were going to be imperfect, and that is why He had a plan.
Sessesse: Eternal ESs

Jen said...

Where are you getting all this crap?

Jen said...

I know what you're doing . . . you're toying with us to see what kind of crazy stuff you can say before we all *POP*!! LOL

Chris said...

Actually, we are all living in a "Matrix" and we ARE reliving it each time the Centinels take over.

liershes - what the Centinels do to you when they get you.. they liershes you and your life starts over.

Zaphod said...

If this life, the mortal one we now enjoy (or not), were the only opportunity for attaining perfection, then reincarnation would have some appeal for me. But, as has been said many times before, we are only in the second act of a three act play. We know little or nothing about the nature of the perfecting process before we came into the world; we know little or nothing regarding the opportunities that lie before us in the spirit world. I take comfort in knowing that for all of my weaknesses, follies, and sins, there is a loving God who wishes me to return to him spotless and perfect, and has provided a way whereby I can.

In all of the world religions I have studied over the years, in those which avow reincarnation, like Hinduism and Buddhism, there is no provision for infinite happiness, only oblivion.

This does not commend the philosphy to me.

Trillium said...

Dave says: "Hell doesn't exist in the Jewish religion."

Ans: “In the twentieth century, both Jews and non-Jews have come to believe that Judaism does not have any conception of a life after death. However, the doctrine of an afterlife IS a basic principle of the Jewish faith . . . [although] there is no one authoritative view of the afterlife accepted by all Jews. . . . [and some also believe in reincarnation]. The doctrine of Hell, that the wicked are punished for their sins after death, IS, of course, known to Judaism. However, there is considerable disagreement about its nature and length.”

To see the entire article on Jewish theology (from which I have quoted), go to:

Rebecca said...

David, Dara and Dad are right. I have found great peace in the knowledge gleaned from the scriptures and the gospel doctrine taught by the church.

Resurrection is a gift to all regardless of how they lived their lives. Where they spend eternities is based on how they lived their lived.

David, before each one of us gains a testimony and a sure knowledge of things taught in the church, we all go through these thought provoking questions. Why do you think I spent so long away from the church? I have a strong testimony and a pure knowledge of many of the gospel principles and it brings me peace.