Friday, December 26, 2008

Speaking of watching things dad did.....


Trillium said...

Actually, I was the one--YEP IT WAS ME-- who "discoverd" this TV show one night in Garden Grove when your father was out at a bishopric meeting. The first episode I watched was the one where they brainwashed him. It was so frightening and disturbing to see what they did to him. I never missed an episode after that.

It was I who introduced your father to the show. He became a fan instantly. Later on, I was also the one who first suggested that we buy the series of videos. (Of course your father didn't argue one bit!)

Thereafter, it was your father who began having periodic "Prisoner Marathons."

So, now, everyone in the family knows instantly what we are alluding to anytime someone says,
"YOU are Number Six."
"I am not a NUMBER! I am a FREE MAN!"

Everyone knows who "Rover" is. And everyone uses just the right accent to say, "Yellow A-LERT!"


skarys: Yellow A-Lerts

Zaphod said...

In 1993, while at a Mythopoeic Conference held at Oxford University, another fellow and I introduced the "Free-Neutrino Society" among the attendees. We followed the script of the Prisoner introduction, except at the end we all shouted, "I am not a number, I am a Free Neutrino". I had the happy privelege of inducting the grand-children of J.R.R. Tolkien and a member of the House of Lords into our little group. "Be seeing you" with the cherrio sign was part of the inside joke for the FNS. I think that it is difficult to go anywhere in the English-speaking world and not find a fellow "Prisoner" devotee within five minutes.

Katscratchme said...

I looooove The Prisoner. It must be at least partially genetic, because Ben doesn't share the same enthusiasm. You would think a secret agent-type show with all that intrigue would appeal to him.. yet, watching cars go round and round in a half-mile circle hold him to the couch tighter than super glue.

Anonymous said...

The prisoner...ahh..."YOU WON'T GET IT!" I think our family has the weird show gene. It's like when people watch "Harold and Maude" and they don't get it...
trached: what happens to people who watch "Harold and Maude" and don't get it.