Thursday, September 18, 2008


Another hobby of mine is baseball cards. I started collecting sports cards when I was a kid. Usually I acquired them at Halloween time. I salvaged the ones that Chris had and added them to my own.

I have old football cards, Star Wars, Jaws, James Bond, and others. I kept the collections for potential monetary value in the future. Now I doubt I would ever part with them. What was once worthless is now priceless.

I decided to add to my collection several hundred vintage baseball cards which I acquired on eBay. I'm sure I have some valuable cards, but does it really matter? All these baseball cards remind me of the movie, Field of Dreams.

I realized what I was pursuing ended up not being what I really wanted or what I had. I purchased the cards as investments, and they have become something that I will pass on to my kids.

In the movie, Ray asks Shoeless Joe Jackson, "What's in it for me?" Joe asks back, "Is that why you did this, for you?" Great movie, it has a lot of universal truths.

So where am I going with this train of thought? Well, about two or three weeks ago I had a self realization. What would I do and how would I spend my time if I had six months to live? What would my regrets be and what would I try to enjoy during that time?

It boiled down to one thing... time with family.

I gathered my family together and said... "I have six months to live." I was trying to be dramatic and get a reaction out of my kids. What I did get was blank stares.

I explained why I made that statement. Then I made a commitment to the kids and Deborah. I would invest time in each member of the family. Monday for Matthew, Tuesday for Christina, Thursday for Nolan, Friday for Deborah, and the whole family on Sunday.

The kids look forward to this time. They even claim ownership of the day. "Today is my day with Dad." That small investment is bringing a very large return. Ray Kinsella's journey brought his father to him and mended a broken relationship.

At the end of the movie, John Kinsella (Ray's dad), asks "Is this heaven?" Ray replies, "It's Iowa." John says "Iowa? I could have sworn this was heaven."

Ray asks, "Is there a heaven?" John replies, "Oh yeah. It's the place where dreams come true."

This is my field of dreams.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great thing you are doing, Dave! I have often thought it would be a good idea to do that with Joshua, since he has had such a hard time since Eva was born. Kudos to you!

DebbieLou said...

Touching dear. I would like to add that we're all grateful for these changes :D, though your mood setting tactics need a little work :[. It's also a good thing you clued me in as to where you were going with things! (Unlike the poor kids) Histerics were in the works, trust me. Apparently you have more than made up for that though. The kids still think you are the greatest!!!! :)

Zaphod said...

You rascal! You made me cry twice! Once with the text of your blog and then with the clip. You keep it up, and we'll all be in Heaven.

I asked my Dad once about his faith. He bore me his testimony, which was quite simple and tender, even though he had not taken much opportunity to develop it throughout his life.

He said, "I really don't worry a whole lot about being in Heaven in the next life. I know that you will open up the back door and let me in."

He was right there; we certainly left the key under the doormat when we did his Temple work for him. Maybe we will all be giving each other a hand up.

Zaphod said...

Oh, by the way, the framed Tommy Lasorda baseball card you gave me several years ago is on display in our bedroom on my bookshelf.

Chris said...

Hey, those cards were MINE. Mine, mine, mine, Mine, MINE! You took them when I was on my mission. I think you were telling me that you opened my box the day I left. Or was it a week later? Ah well. At least one of us has them.

I think you snook off with a bunch of my comics too. I think you gave me a couple back when I came back.

Hey, what happened to all those D&D books? I think you have those too!

Davola said...

I do have all the D&D books. I don't have any of your comics. I can't believe I sold my Groo to you though. I really enjoyed the comic.

Trillium said...

I am so happy for your children. What a great gift you are giving them. Your time with them is more valuable than anything you could possibly buy. The memories they will have will be priceless.