Friday, September 12, 2008

Ghost of Halloween Past

Witches, skellies, and spiders.... Oh My!!

Two witches brewing up trouble.

The scarecrow was probably my greatest achievement, it looked awesome lit up at night.

This next year will be very similar... have to keep costs down.


Trillium said...

You and Missy should have a contest. She likes to decorate for Halloween too! You both (and everybody else) could post photos and then we could vote. Yeah, that's the ticket . . .

erbwrrd: I don't know what it means but it sure sounds funny

Davola said...

I remember when I was a mad scientist and she was my screaming victim.

ylrurqgf: Sounds of the FLU

Anonymous said...

I will have to do something really spectacular to make a dent in what my siblings do...It's kinda hard at an apartment, but I will do my best! Just you wait!
"xphem" Sound like a sneeze trying to politely get your attention.

Jen said...

How about the year we did the Haunted Forest in St. George? You were the Mad Scientist and I was the evil clown. That was awesome. I'm not much of a decorator . . . maybe this year???

Rebecca said...

okay! We're on. David helped me a couple years in a row to decorate our house. After David moved I was decorating the house for Halloween and I noticed that some kids across the street were watching me and I smiled and waved at them. To my surpise they screamed and ran away. As they were running away I heard them say something about the scary halloween lady. One year I scared the parents taking the kids around for trick or treat. I was posing as a gargoyle statue and as people walked by I would move very slowly following the direction they were walking. One of the mothers was startled by me and jumped about 6 inches backwards and screamed. I just laughed. Any way, Let the games begin.

Chris said...

Dude, Dave, that looks totally wicked man. I am jealous.

Yeah, I remember that time in St. George. I took Tammy there on one of my dates. And when David found out that we were there, I could hear David scream "Tammy! Tammy!" And Tammy was surprised that someone there knew her name.

I was dressed up as the Hamburgler, and Tammy was a Cave Woman. Everyone wanted me to say "Robble Robble" but I was too embarrassed. LOL.