Friday, September 12, 2008

OK... you convinced me.

Well, my intention is to offend. Please delete this website from your lists and never come back. I'll post another entry after this first welcome to my webpage. LOL.


Chris said...

SWEET! My only brother (AKA Jigga) has made it to the blog scene! Wa hoo! Yago! Let's go cruisin and pick up some chicks! Yea Yea Yea!

wcakvw - the devil's car, a wcakvw (abbreviation for wacko vw).

Anonymous said...

LOL! Wow. I am glad you have a blog. We just need to convince Missy and Jenny to make one too.

Zaphod said...

hmmmm.... Oxymoron .... bitter-sweet.... military intelligence .... hula-heck.... HULA-HECK?

Chris said...

Hula hoop, silly billy.

fdznokp - A futuristic burger and makes you hicup, burp, and fart at the same time.