Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ode to Red Box

When’er I go to Walmart, to pick up grocer-ies,
I get a dollar movie, sometimes two or three.

I see the big red box, full of DVDs.
A myriad of choices, I can’t wait and see.

I can not go to movies, my funds are dwindl-ing,
My bank account is empty, 'cause four-dollar gasoline.

8000 rental boxes, there’s one near you and me.
One dollar by the night, thank goodness no late fees.

Should I chose Action, or Documentary,
Doesn't really matter, it’s practically free.

When I have no money, that’s OK you see.
I’ll just head on down, to the public library.


Anonymous said...

LOL! That was awesome! I am always frustrated when we go to a red box...there's always a freaking long line.

Trillium said...

Maybe you will inspire your father to explore the red box--for $1!

My blog, $aving $$$, made him feel bad. But just to show how "good" he is being, he said that he checked what the new DVD releases were, and didn't see any he would buy. :D

Zaphod said...

Big Red Box...... Hmmmmmm..... I'm conserving money by watching my already astonishing collection of really bad movies..... FFFRRREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! My collection of 20 "Alien Worlds" movies only cost $6.99, 35 cents each. I have to admit, though, you get what you pay for. I lost 8 billion brain cells per movie.

Rebecca said...

Dad, just because it is a deal doesn't make it worth the purchase. You still spent money.

David: your ode was cute. Victor smiled as I read it.