Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I never got around to posting any pics from Halloween. Enjoy!!
You can click on each pic to "McSupersize" it.

Above picture is my "home-made" costume. It makes me a little over 7 feet tall. Pretty scary for a 5 year old.


Yes, that is Michael Meyers looking down from upstairs.


Above are creepy spiders and a killer clown named "Simmons".


It isn't halloween without a graveyard.


Anonymous said...

"THIS IS THE DREAD PIRATE ROBERTS! THERE WILL BE NO SURVIVORS!" That is what your grim-reaper looked like to me....with a skull...It looked pretty creepy...eee....

Rebecca said...

you did a great job. My decorations were a little skimpy.

Chris said...

Man, that was way COOL. I am too poor to go all out like that.

Trillium said...


I'm too TIRED to go to that much work! (Putting it up, maintaining it, taking it down.) At our house, The Knight put the two jack-o-lantern heads on our outside lights at 5 pm on Halloween. That was it--the TOTAL decorations. I took them down the next day.

In years past the Knight dressed up like Professor Dumbledore or Gandalf (also Dracula). This year he rummaged around in the closet and found his bear head hat. That was his total costume that he wore while handing out treats.

I bought the bag of candy and put it in a bowl. That was MY total contribution to Halloween. I spent one nanosecond thinking about MY costume--my mind wandered because it was too much work . . . .

Ah, to be young again! LOL