Friday, November 14, 2008

One step closer to Arnoldosis!

I am now 381 -- Down 5 pounds from last blog entry. BP is 127/72 which I was told was good. Resting heart rate 104. I still have work to do!!


DebbieLou said...

No offense, but that picture is a tiny bit freaky for some reason. Arnold's arm, neck, and tummy look disporportionate. Almost ape like, I think. (I can't quite put my finger on it.)

You, however, are looking great! I have to admit, I've never seen you so dedicated in the long term sense before. Go, babe, go!

Zaphod said...

This, of course, really raises the question as to what Arnold's toes do look like. I'm glad you are doing well. Keep it up. I'm hovering at 227. I am certain that there is a way to lose 22 pounds that doesn't involve knocking out maple bars.

inglo: How one feels when one has succeeded.

eledne: How one feels when one tries to post a comment at exactly the same time as debbielou

Rebecca said...

that is way cool! I had a dream in the early hours before the sun burst into my window! You and are were talking and you looked like you weighed 180 lbs. It was awesome!

I have lost 10 lbs this past month. My goal is to lose 50 lbs before Thanksgiving.

Jen said...

My most favorite show for quite some time was "Biggest Loser". I loved watching these people lose weight! They would show the pictures of before and after. . . WOW. Be the Biggest Loser Dave!!!

Jen said...

Deb - it's the speedo. . . we'd all look like freaks if we wore speedos!! LOL