Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's what you say, NOT how you say it.

Every now and then I have a chat with Matthew when he acts up and I have to intervene. Today he ended up hurting Nolan by way of rough housing.

I like to use metaphors to get my point across.

So I told Matthew, "When you make Nolan cry, it affects your Mom and Dad mentally and physically. It is like taking your fingernails and scratching the surface of a chalkboard." I motioned my fingers going down the chalkboard and cringing.

I got a blank stare. Deb joined in, "They have dry erase boards at schools now."

I thought for a second, and because I recently had a flu shot I decided to use that as the metaphor.

"Ok Matthew, making Nolan cry is like getting a flu shot. Instead of getting one of those thin needles you get one that is an inch thick."

Message received.


Trillium said...

Metaphor Men: you AND Dad--he can't talk about anything without using metaphors. :)

Anonymous said...

ah, yes...the chalk's too bad they don't still use those. That is a GREAT metaphor. The needle one works too. :)
rerie: the sound of a needle on a chalk board

Jen said...

I don't even have to "hear" the fingernails on the chalk board. . .just reading about it or talking about it sends shivers up and down my spine and make my hair stand up on end. eeeeeeeeeeekkkk!

Zaphod said...

Now the needle metaphor is one that I have no problem comprehending. The picture that you have is how I have imagined the little hummers since I was five.

Rebecca said...

i use metaphors too. It seems effective. I guess that is why Jesus Christ used parables - they are similar and they always get the point across.